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Language Solutions for Life Sciences

We are a full-service provider of global language support and translation services - focused exclusively on the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.
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What We Do

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Translation & Transcreation

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Multilingual Studio Services

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Language Interpreting

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Training Programs

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Language Leaders of the Life Sciences Industry

aiaTranslations LLC is a privately-held, certified woman-owned corporation.  With over three decades of experience, aiaTranslations is the only full-service US-based agency specializing in healthcare and life science translation.


Global communications are only as good as the translation. aiaTranslations ensures that your message is consistent,  intact, and culturally appropriate for the target audience. We integrate the goals of the client company with the creativity of the agency to produce multilingual versions of marketing initiatives and healthcare communications.

With unparalleled industry expertise and the largest network of specialized medical translators, aiaTranslations can provide turnkey translation and localization service for all areas of the life-sciences industry.

aiaTranslations employs project management experts who provide consistency and quality control across multiple languages. Our project management approach to translation allows for greater agility and responsiveness without sacrificing accuracy.


Many people say that a translation is only as good as the project manager. Our project management staff understands the importance of seamless, timely delivery of high quality translations, whether in one language or twenty-one languages. Our unique project management structure allows for a high degree of transparency and quality assurance.


aiaTranslations' network is expansive and allows us to work into and out of all language pairs

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Our Leadership

Molly Naughton, MBA

Molly Naughton holds an undergraduate degree from American University's School of International Service and an international MBA from Thunderbird.  She speaks five languages and has over three decades of experience managing global projects for some of the largest international corporations.  EMAIL

Don't worry. We stand behind our work.

ISO-QSL-Cert ISO 17100 - Main

In the translation industry, there has been a move to normalize and regulate the processes involved with translation.  Various standards have been produced.  Currently, the most widely known standard in force is ISO 17100.

The ISO 17100 is the new internationally recognised standard for companies within the translation industry, which covers the essential processes for providing a translations service. It establishes and defines the translator, their technical resource and quality of service.

Compliance with ISO 17100 is important to us and it is a guarantee that we want to make to our clients in order to create a process that supports and assures a quality end product.

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What people are saying

"For years we made due with translators who had little experience in our therapeutic area and what a difference it makes when you actually work with a team that knows the vocabulary, knows the issues, and understands the goal!"

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What people are saying

"Ask me how many times AIA translators have improved the quality of the English original? Either by finding typos or improving clarity - they go beyond the call."

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What people are saying

"aiaTranslations provides language management solutions. They are not just translators - they are responsible partners who understand their role in ensuring value across languages and cultures."

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What people are saying

"Our spreads had to be shipped to Europe by 6pm and we were missing one headline in four languages. One call and we had what we needed. That is real-time language support!"

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