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A call to learn more about colon cancer

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Sep 16, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Recently, people around the world were stunned by the announcement that 43-year-old actor Chadwick Boseman had passed away from colon cancer.

Known for embodying roles like the superhero Black Panther, Boseman was considered not only talented, but also a genuinely good person who was involved with a number of charities and always tried to spread positivity to those around him. While he was working and helping those less fortunate, he was secretly undergoing treatments for the cancer that would ultimately take his life.

As well-merited homages poured in from fans and colleagues, journalist Angela Hatem saw the devastating news as an opportunity to educate readers about colon cancer.

In a short, informative article, Hatem not only covers key symptoms, but also shares statistics about who tends to be most affected. She also reveals that, sadly, Boseman is not an isolated case: colon cancer is on the rise among younger people. Scientists aren’t sure why, but diet may play a role.

Read on to learn more about colon cancer and found out if you should get tested, as well as the kinds of tests and screenings available (including many that are non-invasive).

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