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aiaTranslations offers telehealth interpreting in over 200 languages

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Aug 24, 2020 12:00:00 AM

You may have noticed that we don’t often talk about ourselves on our blog. But there’s something that we want to share with the world – so much so that we even contacted the press about it:

aiaTranslations is proud to offer telehealth interpreting for both over the phone (OTP) and video remote (VRI) communications, in over 200 languages.

The world is currently experiencing a translation crisis, with a lack of medical interpreters, especially for less common languages. This would be a bad thing in ordinary times, but during a pandemic, it’s terrifying. People need to communicate with medical professionals regarding everything from potential COVID-19 symptoms, to managing conditions they already have. But communication challenges may be holding them back.

We’re proud to help break the language barrier between patients and their doctors and healthcare providers and facilities, especially in this time of need.

We’re also making it easier for healthcare providers to connect. In addition to our team of interpreters, our in-house technology allows us to easily utilize telehealth communications without relying on third parties. This means that healthcare providers can find qualified interpreters and a technical platform all in one place.

Read on to learn more about aiaTranslations’ telehealth interpreting services.

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