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Apple Watch ads embrace our current crazy times

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Oct 6, 2020 12:00:00 AM

However you feel about Apple, you have to admire their advertising strategy in the time of COVID-19. A few months ago, the company made waves with its inspirational “Creativity Goes On” ad campaign.

Now, they’re adapting to the current situation in a different way. For the recent release of the Apple Watch Series 6, press and announcements have touted the watch’s ability to monitor wearers’ health, notably their blood oxygen level.

This feature is also available on other mobile devices (including Android devices), but Apple has very intelligently put it in the spotlight.

Additionally, one advertising website notes, the company has also released a short film showcasing three stories about how different people’s health have been improved by wearing the watch.

Read on to learn more about the (likely) COVID-19-inspired health focus of the new Apple Watch announcement.

A current featured image on Apple’s official website: the new Apple Watch Series 6, with its screen showing blood oxygen level monitoring.

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