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Big Brands and Fake Cancer Cures

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Sep 24, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Interesting and unsettling research by BBC shows that the 100 most popular health-related videos on YouTube were uploaded by amateurs, not healthcare professionals. The research also shows that viral videos shown to spread health misinformation and disinformation are appearing alongside ads by large reputable advertisers like Samsung, Heinz and Clinique (which is not only damaging to these brands, but may make viewers feel like their videos are credible). As a result of this BBC effort, YouTube claims that it will be cracking down on videos that are not offering trustworthy health recommendation. We agree with Dr. Fung of Georgia Southern University’s recommendation that healthcare and science professionals need to create and load content that is accurate (and multilingual) in order to ensure that the information available creates value. Read more about the research here. #translation #pharma #pharmamarketing

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