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Can Twitter change healthcare and pharma marketing?

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Jan 30, 2020 12:00:00 AM

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Twitter”?

It probably isn’t something healthcare or pharma -related. But Lisa Bookwalter, the platform’s director of client services for health, sees Twitter as a way for patients and clients to engage with healthcare and pharma companies, and for users to share their thoughts, experiences, and questions about healthcare products and services.

This sounds promising, but healthcare and pharma haven’t yet fully embraced Twitter. One of the reasons Twitter hasn’t yet become a pharma fixture is that the app’s character limit means it’s hard to communicate plus include a disclaimer (what about screenshots, guys?).

Still, Bookwalter seems determined to change things. She recently attended the world-famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to talk to healthcare and pharma marketers looking for new ways to communicate and connect.

If Bookwalter does succeed, the landscape of healthcare and pharma marketing could change dramatically, and if the change extends to overseas markets, localizers will be working (and tweeting) overtime!

Read on to learn more about trying to connect Twitter with healthcare and pharma brands.

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