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Deaf Night Out celebrates Halloween

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Oct 31, 2019 12:00:00 AM

In honor of Halloween, we wanted to highlight a great annual event held in Toronto, Canada.

Deaf Night Out was created by Emmanuel Sohou and president of Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service, Christopher Desloges, as a way for deaf people to have their own Halloween event, socialize and come together as a family. Guests came from as far as Europe to attend. An event that started out three years ago, Deaf Night Out has grown exponentially. And not everyone is deaf. Some guests come to practice or learn American Sign Language as well.

As Sohou saos, "We want them to learn from the deaf community, and once they learn ASL from the deaf community, they'll be fine because it's not too hard to learn. Just as a baby can learn to sign, a hearing person can learn to sign with us."

A community coming together is always a good thing. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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