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How the rise of telemedicine has helped patients

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Nov 12, 2020 12:00:00 AM

When you think of how the world has changed over the past year, does anything positive come to mind?

Though it’s hard to see at first, there may be some ways the pandemic has changed our society for the better. One of these is in popularizing telemedicine.

A recent article explores the advantages of telemedicine, especially regarding monitoring chronic conditions. For instance, author Paula LeClaire (who’s also U.S. General Manager of health monitoring site Healthy.io) points out that patients who were unable to get to medical facilities due to distance or transportation issues now no longer have this concern.

LeClaire also believes that some people who are intimidated by or uncomfortable around healthcare facilities may now finally seek treatment, since they wouldn’t have to leave the reassuring environment of their home. While this is debatable (there are other reasons why people may be afraid to seek a diagnosis or treatment, after all), it could be an interesting area to research further.

Read on to learn more about the way our increased reliance on telemedicine and remote monitoring may be a positive change in the healthcare industry.

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