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How you can help during the coronavirus crisis

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Mar 24, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Those of us stuck in quarantine or confinement know we don’t have it the hardest: that “honor” would go to those affected by the disease in a life-threatening way, those watching a loved one fight for their life, and medical personnel helping to save lives.

Still, whether you’re practicing social distancing or voluntary quarantine, or live somewhere that has made quarantine the law for the time being, it’s not easy. One of the hardest parts of being isolated from most of the outside world is that you might not think you can help make a difference.

Luckily, people have found ways to help victims of the crisis, both directly and indirectly.

For instance, this inspiring New York Times articleshares what happened when writers like Shea Serrano and Roxane Gay took to Twitter to offer to help individuals who can’t pay their bills due to quarantine or workplace shutdowns. Not only did the authors themselves give; many of their hundreds of thousands of followers also helped make a difference.

Fortunately, if you don’t have money to donate, there are many other ways to help during this difficult time, including volunteering as a translator, crisis text line “listener”, or researcher for places like the Smithsonian Institute, and so much more.

Read on for a list of ways you can make a difference (or get help), even if you can’t leave home.

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