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Instagram influencers may hold the key to solving a major healthcare challenge

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Dec 16, 2019 12:00:00 AM

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Let’s face it: Despite the inspirational quotes they often feature on their Instagram, influencers aren’t usually all that deep. And yet, they may have some lessons to teach healthcare professionals.

Researchers from Thomas Jefferson and Drexel University recently analyzed 360 randomly chosen Instagram posts related to a major topic in healthcare today: the HPV vaccine. They discovered that posts that told a personal story, rather than simply listing statistics and information, made readers engage and “like” them more.

This is powerful information in the fight against antivax propaganda online. It’s also valuable advice for healthcare professionals. When sharing information with patients, don’t just give them facts - keep their emotions in mind. Sure, it might seem like proven evidence and the findings of scientific studies are enough, but no one can resist a good story, especially in the social media age.

Read on for more about how narrative style can radically influence people online and in their healthcare provider’s office.

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