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Not-so-silly survey offers a glimpse at life during the pandemic

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Oct 16, 2020 12:00:00 AM

The website Buzzfeed is known for its often silly quizzes. But sometimes, these quizzes can reveal interesting glimpses at life as we know it.

That’s been the case with one recent questionnaire that asks participants to share how their experience of the pandemic compares with other people’s. The 24-question quiz covers everything from COVID testing, to wearing a mask, to holiday plans and expectations for the future.

As you might expect from a website mostly known for helping people pass the time, the poll is far from perfect. For one thing, it’s strongly geared towards Americans despite the site’s international audience. For another, many answer choices don’t allow for a middle ground or “N/A” option.

Still, the results (which anyone can view by clicking the phrase “See results” beneath each set of answer choices) are fascinating. Buzzfeed may be considered a frivolous website by most people, but a hundred years from now, a quiz like this might be part of a historian, anthropologist, or epidemiologist’s very serious academic research!

Read on to discover the questions and answers revealed by the poll (and participate, yourself, if you’d like).

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