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Online etiquette in the time of coronavirus

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Jun 26, 2020 12:00:00 AM

A recent article in the New York Times is at once a helpful guide, and one of those documents that will probably be a fascinating read for future historians.

The article examines how we interact online these days, especially via video conference. Author Victoria Turk offers advice about things like lifting a finger or raising your hand before speaking during virtual meetings, making eye contact on video calls, and using the good old mute button.

Interestingly, while the pandemic has made us more dependent on screen time, one source Turk speaks with wonders whether this will last when things (hopefully) go back to normal.

Will some of Turk’s advice be helpful for years to come, or will the article be a sort of time capsule, a glimpse at politeness in a time of social upheaval?

Read on to learn more about minding your digital manners these days.

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