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Reader’s Corner: The Latino Patient

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Feb 2, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Latinos are dramatically changing the demographic profile of the United States. Developing a strong command of the Spanish language is not a realistic goal for most health care providers wishing to establish a rapport with their Latino patients. Yet growing numbers of health professionals are realizing the importance of understanding Latino culture in order to deliver the best possible care to this growing section of the population.The Latino Patient: A Cultural Guide for Health Care Providers provides an in-depth exploration of Latino diversity-relevant cultural values, beliefs, practices and effective communication strategies. The author has developed an original, practice-oriented model that leads the health practitioner from greeting the patient to negotiating treatment. The book is hands-on with many illustrative examples gleaned from the author’s experience and is essential reading for any and all primary care physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, therapists, clinical psychologists and social workers interested in providing the best service to this important minority. [Buy It Now]

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