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Students and faculty help non-English speaking patients gain access to coronavirus information

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Apr 8, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Coronavirus is a worldwide phenomenon, breaking boundaries like wealth, social class, geography, and language.

And yet, in countries where English is predominant, other groups are being left behind. A number of articles, including these two, have covered this issue: while there is an abundance of coronavirus-related information in English, from studies, to instructions, to sheets showing prevention techniques, all of this is seriously lacking in other languages.

Fortunately, a group of Harvard medical students and faculty have been translating health materials into 30 languages. These include basic fact sheets, as well as ones specifically targeted to children and pregnant women.

Read on to learn more about the admirable COVID-19 Health Literacy Project, as well as the positive effects it’s already had on participants and patients alike.

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