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Teen’s DIY English dub of “Parasite” gives an unexpected behind-the-scenes look

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Jul 16, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Like many people, Australian film student Oscar Cousins loves the movie Parasite. But despite the film’s high audience numbers and accolades (including this year’s Academy Award for Best Picture), one subtitle-hater near and dear to him refused to watch it: his sister.

Unfortunately for her, a dubbed version of the movie doesn’t exist. But her brother wanted her to see it so badly that he embarked on what would turn out to be a seven-month-long project to make his own English dub of Parasite.

This involved enlisting his other family members, as well as friends and even a professional voice actor to help, as well as re-creating all of the film’s sound effects.

Cousins made a short YouTube video about his project. Whether or not you like his vlogging style, it’s a surprisingly insightful watch that gives a glimpse at what goes into translating and dubbing foreign-language films.

Read on to learn more about Oscar Cousins’ amateur “Parasite” dub, see his making-of video, and find out if, after all that work, his sister ended up watching and liking the movie.

In this screen grab from his YouTube video, Cousins and his family attend the “premiere” of his English-dubbed version of Parasite.

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