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The Day Before Christmas: A Translator’s Tale

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Dec 24, 2012 12:00:00 AM

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas and all through the agency,

Translators finished jobs without complacency.

Many “know” our job and what is amiss,

But we know our life is full of many myths.

We’re a small “niche” market, not true.

For services this year, 33 billion was due.

The “need for translation is fading” despite what was spent,

But our job’s annual rate of growth is past 12 percent.

Translators and interpreters are the same thing, each.

But the former works with words and the latter with speech.

All about words, “Language People” must be our targets,

But savvy businesses know we increase revenue and enter new markets.

Anyone bilingual could interpret or translate:

We think we’re special, such ingrates.

Why should we bother?

So anyone who writes can become a great author?

For sure, multi-lingual we must all be rated.

Typically in one language we’re very highly educated.

We specialize in words of one technical field,

In one language direction we produce the best yield.

Machine translation will replace humans a la terminator,

The world will sadly, have to see us later,

Crowd-sourcing is free; our services outgoing,

But who edits their work? We keep global communication flowing.

Sure, machines scan bodies of text quickly,

But who uses machines most intelligently?

Technology doesn’t replace the fields they resolve,

It enters those fields and helps them evolve.

We translate your words and cultural meaning.

We make it appropriate, never demeaning.

If it’s worth doing well, it’s worth the price.

Forward and backward, like Santa’s list, we check it twice.

We understand the reason for the season as well as the words;

The culture, the nuance, and all of the verbs.

With so many cultures trimming our halls,

Merry ChristmaHannuKwanzakah and Happy New Year to all!

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