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Transforming the World with Good Old-Fashioned Love in any Language

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Feb 14, 2018 12:00:00 AM

There is a guy, a regular Joe, currently, traveling our nation handing out hugs, high fives, and good old-fashioned small talk to anyone in need, which —when you think about it— is all of us.  As our world is increasingly cluttered with sound bites, news quips and speedy tweets, most of them negative, most of them involving humans hurting other humans, we need a few high-fives and hugs to make us feel as though the world is not held together by a frayed thin string, but rather bound together in a big old bear hug of love.

In an effort to aid this man on his journey, aiaTranslations would like to enter the fray and share love to everyone in every nation around the globe. Not just a chosen few, mind you, but to each and every living, breathing thing. Combating the sadness that is broadcast across our various devices at all hours of every day doesn’t have to be hard. We follow Ghandi’s wisdom, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Through a great many small actions, huge accomplishments can be made, a bit like the butterfly effect. From small steps come great outcomes. Corporations are begun in garages, life-changing inventions are created from simple ideas and love and acceptance grown in our very own houses, yards, neighborhoods and hearts.

Simple words, simple acts that make not only the receiver feel better, but you as well. Just ask the Cleveland Clinic. When we give, we receive less stress, more happiness, lower blood pressure and a longer life! Who can argue with that? And love, well that is the easiest of all. Tossing the need to be right, better, faster, richer, thinner, nicer, and all the other -ers and allowing people — including yourself— to just be who they are in all their flaws and goofiness and goodness is the first step. As you think, so it shall be.  If we embrace the wonderful mess we are, we can embrace others as well. Sprinkle in good humor and we can all walk away feeling a little lighter and more positive about us and the world around us. It doesn’t have to be deep conversations that send the earth tilting in the right direction. Even the guy traversing the country only asks for small talk. A smile, friendly handshake, letting a car merge in front of you in traffic.  It really doesn’t take time away from our busy lives. Well, maybe the car will. What ever will we do without those 25 second we just lost? Kidding.

And since we are a language service company promising to help this man spread love across our country and the entire globe, we want to link the nations of the world through love. Love is a language we don’t need to translate. The words I love you maybe, but not the feeling, warmth and acceptance it brings.  It’s a universal feeling that is bigger than all of us, but it begins with us too. We share this with all of you, most especially those among us who maybe need it the most, those with closed-minds, hearts and fists. In sharing with you that one simple, missing ingredient, we win because we will feel better and you win because you will feel better and we pass on the goodness like a summer bouquet of flowers created by a child for their favorite person in the universe. Let’s pay it forward and see if we can’t get the collective heartbeat of the earth to beat in rhythm. Let’s shoot for simpatico with regards to goodness. We can listen to opposite views, people with different accents, people from other cultures and celebrate all that it takes to make a world. We really can. Maybe we can’t change the cogs of the media wheel that spin out the worst stories, but we can make positive news in our own lives, create little bridges here and there, make each day a little better and join that man in his big old bear hug of love.

By Ilona Knudson

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