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What gamers want: Good translations

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Jun 2, 2020 12:00:00 AM

While many businesses have suffered during the coronavirus pandemic, others have thrived, including the video game industry.

Over the past few months, video game sales have increased 63% in fifty key markets around the world. Other impressive statistics abound.

Video games are a hit and a global phenomenon – and that latter means that audiences want a better translation experience.

A new article lists some of today’s video game translation “musts”. Some, like a demand for quality work from knowledgeable translators, aren’t particularly surprising, but others are far more subtle.

For instance, the tone in which game instructions are written or spoken is important; in certain cultures, like the US, commands are fairly polite, while in other cultures, like Russian, they should be more direct. Translating swear words into their appropriate equivalent is also a must.

Read on to learn more about the increasingly complex requirements for getting game translation just right.

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