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What Trump could teach us about COVID-19 treatments

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Oct 14, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Updated: May 18

A lot’s been said about President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, not to mention his treatment.

But there’s one thing many of us aren’t thinking about. As journalist Alaric DeArment points out, we know that Trump was treated with at least two different medications, including dexamethasone. This steroid is usually only used for severe COVID cases, so if it’s true that

Trump was never in grave danger, using it in his case could provide us with information about its effects on patients with more moderate symptoms.

Setting aside the politics, (deliberately?) poor communication, and other issues, from a medical point of view, Trump was, DeArment writes, “a one-man clinical trial”.

Read on to learn more about the implications of Trump’s treatment for COVID-19.

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