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Let's talk about corporate-speak

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Mar 4, 2020 12:00:00 AM

“Parallel-path”. “Blitzscaling”. If you’ve worked in a corporate environment sometime during the past decade, these words might be familiar to you. If you haven’t, they’re incomprehensible.

We often talk about how difficult it is to understand jargon in fields like medicine and law, but as journalist and former office worker Molly Young points out in an intriguing new article, the business world has also evolved its own jargon.

If you do know “corporate-speak”, as it’s been dubbed, you still may not ever have heard the two terms at the beginning of this blog post. That’s because, unlike the jargon in other professions, corporate-speak changes almost constantly.

There’s something frantic about corporate-speak, and also highly unnecessary. Words aren’t created to simplify or define complex concepts, but simply to phrase them in another way, sometimes obscuring their meaning.

How did corporate-speak get started, and, more importantly why? Read onto learn more about this bafflingly unhelpful sub-language.

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