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#Teamhalo: Health experts take to TikTok to answer COVID questions

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Nov 9, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Getting information to patients is an important goal – especially during a pandemic. Recently, doctors, nurses, and other health experts have taken to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to reach out to an audience that may not actively search for information about COVID-related issues.

Through short videos, healthcare workers share behind-the-scenes glimpses of things like vaccine testing, explain the different types of COVID-19 tests, and more.

Another advantage of reaching out on social media is that it can be an interactive experience; many videos end with their host encouraging viewers to leave any questions they might have in the comments.

Hopefully, this initiative, which has been grouped under the hashtag #teamhalo on TikTok and can be found using that hashtag on Instagram, as well, will help people stay informed in a way that speaks to them.

You can learn more about the #teamhalo initiative via this short video report from the BBC. And, of course, you check out #teamhalo on TikTok.

A screenshot of a #teamhalo Tiktok video from bioengineer Dr. Anna Blakney

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