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What “crisis” means in Chinese: A different way to look at coronavirus and business

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Feb 24, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Coronavirus has impacted the world in many ways, and of course, the country that has felt the impact the most is the place where it started: China.

Obviously, the most important concern is lives that have been lost and how we can find better ways to prevent transmission and heal those who have been infected. But other concerns weigh on certain minds, as well. For instance, what can overseas companies with branches or clients in China do during this time? Shipping has been shut down or dramatically slowed, and the typical workday in certain industries has changed dramatically, with remote work becoming the norm.

Crayfish.io founder Ting Zhang offers some helpful and insightful advice, and also some unexpected hope. The crisis can be seen as a way, for example, to test the efficiency of a company’s supply chain, or an incentive to explore and branch out into other areas. After all, Zhang writes, the word “crisis” in Chinese means “danger + opportunity”.

Read on to learn more about how overseas companies can adapt, help, and even grow in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

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