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Will Brexit change the medical device industry?

Medical Pharmaceutical Translations • Mar 11, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Whether we wanted it, didn’t want it, or didn’t really care, most of us knew that Brexit would make things complicated going forward.

A recent article explores one of the many ways this has held true. The UK is the third-largest medical device market in Europe. What will happen when current trade and regulation agreements expire in January 2021?

In certain scenarios, for example, a “no-deal Brexit” in which the UK would have its own set of industry and medical guidelines, medical devices would have to be certified there and then again in the EU, and it’s possible that the two types of certification requirements would be different enough to limit the release of UK-manufactured medical devices.

It’s likely that the UK will continue to comply with CE regulations – after all, why would they want to lose that market? But will factors including nationalistic pride and isolationism win out over logic -- and even money?

Read on to learn about how the UK’s medical device market may change in 2021.

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